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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Votergate, a new half-hour documentary (the whole voting machine scandal to come out on DVD after the election is up for FREE download oir streaming in about as many formats as you can think of on. Russell Michaels and his team have shown segments of the documentary on ITN's Channel4 news.

We all know what happened in Florida 2000, and how Diebold and other voting companies have promised to deliver the election to the republicans, overtly or not. The whole saga is a sorry mess of easily-hackable computers, lax acounting, and political mechinations.

See for yourself: go to to watch the documentary. BEWARE, send people to VOTERGATE.TV, and NOT to copycat sites or This low-taste documentary site apparently stole 20 minutes of the footage from the guys at, and although the real Votergate still had copies of it, they are passing it off as their own. They even are using some of Russell's Channel 4 footage, which ITN is not happy about...

So, share the video with your friends. There's a week to go and the message is, to the Americans, GO and Vote and it may overcome the security of the machines. Send out emails, share the files, and get informed about the problems of corrpution, voting and technology.

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