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Saturday, October 30, 2004
  Scientific Method
From Political Scientist via Chris Lawrence and Daniel Dresner. The comments on the Dresner blog are excellent additions to the conversation, and should be read:

The scientific method consists of five steps:

1. Carefully examine the data and take note of any clear-cut patterns therein.

2) For each such pattern, formulate a hypothesis you can test statistically.

3) To avert suspicion, throw in a couple of extra hypotheses that you know are wrong.

4. Using the data from Step 1, tests these hypotheses statistically.

5. Based on the results of Step 4, proclaim that your main hypotheses have been upheld.

thanks Omri, you fascist 
What's interesting is when hypotheses are treated like facts, for example how black holes work...Yet even that requires faith that everything was done right in all the guessing and testing... And until new data shows up of course that blows all the original hypotheses out of the water...wonder if there's something or someway to accurately know what's true? ;) (I'll leave it at that since you probably think you know my answer...)  
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