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Tuesday, February 10, 2004
  LA encounters
yesterday I went to the dentist. A very nice Beverly Hills dentist, who's going to claim his money back from my lawsuit against the city for knocking me down painfully wiht one of their trucks in October.

So, a little dazed, and hungry I wandered out at lunchtime and found a nice little sandwich shop across the road, and let a nice young lady into line in front of me. Beaming she says, 'oh, another Brit' tlling me her name's Gerry, and we order things etc. Well, I only had a few minutes as I had to get to class, but I join her for a quick bite in the cafe and intend to find out who this rather nice shiny smiley Brit-ess is, with a view to downing a beer or two at some future stage and discuss the usual ex-pat Brit things. Ah, but I reckoned without the idiot instinct. Even the famously unfazed Hod can get the nerves and stuff it up bigtime sometimes when he meets someone nice.

Do you know that instinct you have when you're with a rather good-looking stranger and you forget yourself, and just rabbit on, and on, and on, not letting them have a word in edgeways. Yes, the nerves got to me, the relaxed urbane and inquisitive Hod. Didn't ask her a thing about herself, well, not much. Years since I last did that. So I sense she goes off since I've forgotten to ask about her. And she's already told me she's a Leo too (big sign, apparently). D'oh. Ah well. But perhaps somehting in my subconscious was saying I didn't want to ask, as I'd be scared of the answer? Because as she leaves I remember why she looked a little familiar: rather a good performer she is, and I hope planning some more good things to go with her charity campaigns. Ah, a somewhat brief lunch with the thoughtful and rather cute Geri Halliwell. I wish her luck.

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