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Thursday, February 12, 2004
  etcon diverts bloggers from Kerry
My USC colleague (and politically er, interesting) Omri has noticed that significant parts of the blogosphere are curiously quiet on the Kerry topic. I realised why: ETCON. They're all in San Diego nursing hangovers from last night's loft party and listening to the excellent Dan Gillmor. I had to get back to LA this morning so am plugged back into the real world...

Well, some blogs are covering and have been covering the Kerry sex scandal. But many, like Weinberger, Meg et al are all also at ETCON in San Diego, so have been concentrating more on Cory's talk or Electric Sheep. Indeed when I wandered into #etech this afternoon and casually mentioned it, there was a little reaction, though as the afternoon wore on some posts emerged a little later.

There may or may not be IRC transcripts to see if anyone was paying attention, but it strikes me that a bunch of the most read bloggers are in one place, including Ross Mayfield, Cory et al, Doc, another friend-of-Howard John Lebkowsky and even me old mate Crabbers and other fellow Brit Tom Coates and they didn't pick it up until later in the afternoon US Pacific time, though it broke about 9am. Since they're (rightly) concentrating on the fine speakers there, we have a significant hole in the Blogosphere, where the usual comment is not first. It may be worth checking out the stats on the network structure of the posts today, to see if the attendees at the conference received who might usually be expected to talk about this lost indegree or traffic for the day...

So we have a minor phenomenon: gather bloggers togther for an IRL meat and then you lose them to their own devices for a few days. Whither the brave new public sphere?

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